My trip to London: Day 1

The other day, I arrived home from London. I was only there for four days and three nights but it was an amazing holiday. I honestly wish I was still there. I’m a huge city girl, and I loved the buzz that I felt around London. Ever since I first visited London when I was thirteen, I have loved the city. My family decided to visit because I just finished my exams so it was a bit of a treat for me. It’s kind of bitter sweet, thinking about the holiday now because it flew by so quickly, and I already wish to go back. I decided to make some posts about what I did while I was there.

Day one of my London trip began at 3.a.m. in the morning. Despite the early hour, I felt wide awake and fully prepared to take on the day. The excitement from the fact that I was going on holiday gave me all the energy that I needed. The only drawback was security. For some reason, going through security machines in both the airport or shops always makes me extremely nervous. I don’t know why as I have never stolen anything nor do I own dangerous items. I brought no liquids with me on my carry on to be completely safe. I also made sure not to wear any metal on my person. Once through security, it was maybe 4.30.a.m. We had gotten through the check-in part of the terminal very quickly and security was also very quick to get through. I then headed with my family to get some breakfast which was stressful. Anyone who has been in terminal 2 of Dublin airport will know that the layout is terrible in the food court – especially when it’s busy. It’s long and narrow making it hard to actually access some of the food. Much to our dismay, by the time we got through the long queue, our food was cold. By the time we were finished, it was 5.30 a.m. and suddenly, our flight was having it’s final boarding.

Terry’s Cafe

We had to rush to the place where our plane was taking off from and finally got on. It was odd that we boarded so early. Then it actually took about 45 minutes to lift off. At 6.30, we had arrived in Gatwick airport. I soon learnt the hard way why packing light is vital when travelling. We got a train to London Bridge train station. There I had my first black taxi experience. I don’t know how Londoners feel about them, but I am obsessed with the traditional London taxi’s. Irish Taxi’s are just normal cars and really boring at the best of times! We were staying near Borough Market- although we never actually had time to visit the market place itself- in the Borough area. We went and had a proper English breakfast in a lovely, authentic breakfast cafe, called Terry’s Cafe. The food there was actually the nicest food I’ve had in a while, but it was really the decorations that I loved the most. From old pictures of London to wireless radios and old boxing gloves, I felt like I had traveled into the past while I was eating Brunch.



The outside of the Imperial War Museum 

After eating the best breakfast of my life, I headed to the Imperial War Museum, which was amazing. For a free tourist attraction, it had a lot of exhibitions. It had old war tanks and old world war 2 uniforms. From Bomber jets to Victoria Cross medalists, the museum told the story of different people who lived during different wars, both in the past and more recently. They had exhibitions on life for a London family during the Second world war, which I loved. It’s one thing to know the facts about the war, it’s a different thing to discover the way it effected the people who lived during the history we casually learn in school. I then got an ice cream while my sister bought about ten key rings from the gift shop.

It wasn’t until two o’clock did we get to check into our apartment that we were staying at. I was exhausted at this stage, and the thought of going anywhere else was looking very doubtful. However, later on in the evening, we boarded a bus – which was exciting because it was the first time I had ever been on a red bus which is such an icon for London in the eyes of a foreigner. Getting the bus to Kings Cross station, I achieved what every child dreams of- going to Platform 9 and three quarters! I lined up for about an hour but it was so worth it. My sister and I donned the red and gold Gryfindor scarves and got our photo taken. I nearly went for a Slytherin scarf to annoy the attendant who had a clear disdain for the house. Once I had purchased my picture, I bought some house pencil and a box of Berty Botts sweets.

My first day in London was long yet amazing. Looking back on it, I wish I could be in a time-loop and do it all over again! But there is no stopping time. I love family holidays because I love getting to spend time with my parents and my two little sisters. 


My wishlist

Hola Beauties! How are you??

It’s been quite a while since I last posted here… well I just finished my state Exams and I am officially on holidays. It’s crazy how quick my secondary school experience ended. I can’t believe that I am finally done my exams. It felt that they would never end, but they did! Now that the stress of school is over, I plan to put more posts on my blog, meaning that I may need some new products.

Since I wanted to make a fairly quick post to get my blog started up again, I decided to make a post of things that I currently have my eye on. It was my birthday a couple of weeks, so I got a good bit of money. I’m travelling to London in about three weeks so I’ll probably binge a bit when I get there. I realised after making this list, that I seem to be obsessed with Urban Decay at the moment. I can’t help it, their collection is so pretty, you know? I haven’t bought any new makeup in about six months so I definitely deserve a shopping spree – celebrating my exams ending would be a great excuse to go out shopping!

Anyways, here is my current wish list:

  • Naked Heat

The minute I saw this palette, I instantly fell in love with it. I have three naked palettes: Naked 3, Naked Smokey and Naked Basics. I love them. I have only actually ever really used Urban Decay eyeshadows but I do want to try more of their range in the future. This palette is not released at the time of writing this but I think that the colours are really pretty. It appears to be the perfect palette for the warm winter months. I will , of course, wait to purchase until it has been out a  while – I would rather read loads of reviews before throwing money down the drain.

  • Garnier Camomile face mask

Anyone who knows me will know that I adore face masks. Nothing brings me more joy than a face mask. I also love Garnier. I have tried the moisture bomb mask and loved it so imagine how excited I am to try Garnier’s new Camomile mask in the moisture bomb range. Due to the hot weather, my skin has been feeling very dry and tired so this mask looks like the perfect mask for me. The thing that I love the most about Garnier is the fact that their products are great for skin for an inexpensive price. €1.80 for this facemask. What a bargain! I have no idea when I’ll actually get to try this face mask but I am looking forward to it!

  • Naked Skin Shapeshifter

This is probably the item that I’m least likely to purchase on this list. Mainly for the reason that I’m really pale and I worry that the light shades on this contour palette will be too dark for me- it happens a lot with  things like this. This is a three-in-one complexion palette for contouring, highlighting and color-correcting. It claims to have blendable and build-able shades. I really like the look of this palette and if has great reviews on Debenhams. But for €47 I will have to try the shades out on my face before even thinking about buying it.

  • Mac Burgundy nines

In general, I think that the MAC cosmetics Nine Times palettes are gorgeous- I love the look of all of them. But there is something about the Burgundy one that really catches my eye and stands out to me. Firstly, I love the purple toned colours. I wouldn’t be a big fan of such colours but at the moment, they are really jumping out at me. I have been looking at this palette for a while now, and I definitely hope to purchase it when I’m in London. It seems to overall have great reviews with a 4/5 star rating. If I end up buying it, I’ll definitely post a review here.



  • Naked illuminated trio

Recently I have been highlight crazy and this beautiful highlighting palette by Urban Decay definitely catches my eye. It’s a limited edition trio designed to create a sophisticated, Naked shimmer. It claims to be a lightweight product with light reflecting properties. It creates an instant glow on the user’s body or face. It includes three shades: Pyrite (the gold shade), Oasis (frosted taupe), and Twilight ( iridescent pink shade) as shown in the picture above. Like many other products on this list, it has many good reviews. For €35, I really like the look of this palette and may buy if I come across it when I’m out shopping.

  • L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity mask

I already have the detox face wash and glowface wash  from this range. I love them and plan to review them sooner or later. However, recently I met up with my best friend and her skin was radiant looking. I was literally staring in awe at her skin for a good ten minutes before I finally asked her, what her skin secrets were. She laughed, and told me that it was the L’oreal purity mask. I was amazed and I knew that I need that mask. The results on her skin was out of this world. She was wearing no makeup, yet her skin looked as if it belonged to a model’s. I quickly went online and started to read reviews- her experience was not unique. The three clays and eucalyptus seem to do amazing things for the skin. I am a big fan of clay masks for my troubled T-zone. I’ll probably buy the three packet mini’s to try all three masks since I love the face wash versions.

Well beauties, that is all of my wish list for today. Other items that nearly made the cut include Too Faced “Papa don’t peach”, Urban Decay’s optical primer,  and Barry M contour cream palette.

What is on your wish list at the moment?

Thank you for reading, and until next time, C.

Kiko Contouring pencil set

Hello beauties ❤️. Today I am back with a review of one of my favourite yet least favourite highlight and contour kits. To be precise, in this kit, I love part of it – the contour stick- but I hate the other part- the highlighting stick. Now I bought this set two years ago so this is no longer available on the market, however, their new contour kit is pretty similar to this one.

I only use the bronzer crayon of this set. The highlighter crayon is the same tone as my skin tone- I am too pale for light products- so I never use it. But whenever I wore during summer time- i.e when I had more tan than usual- I always found it to be very shimmery. It had the effect of applying glitter to your face. It did not last long and I have never been impressed with the highlighting skills of this crayon. It would have been perfect as a cheekbone highlighter but it had no staying power.

This is a swatch of both crayons… Only 1 shows on my skin!

The bronzing crayon on the other hand is what I use to contour. It is easily blendable and is leaves a natural yet flawless finish. It is a great shade for my pale skin tone. It does not wash out my skin nor is it too dark. The kit I had bought was the palest they offered in the store where I bought it. I believe in the shop, they only had three shades on offer. There was probably more online.

Although this particular kit is no longer available, I am keen to try kikos new contour crayons as mine are pretty much run out of bronzer.

Thank you for reading!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Recently I posted about what products I had used during the day. Today, I decided to do a proper review on the Tea Tree face cleanser by the Body Shop. Tea Tree oil is known around the world as a great way to help heal troubled skin. I am doing my Leaving Cert ( end of school exams) in two months and this past week, I had a French oral which made up twenty five percent of my final grade in that subject. Needless to say, my skin has been breaking out because of stress recently! When I was last in the Body Shop, it had just happened that my current cleanser had run out of product. Since I needed a new cleanser, I decided to buy their Tea Tree oil cleaner to see what it could do for me.

After using it for the first time, it was true love for me. I use it with a little cleanser brush that I bought in Primark and the results that I have been seeing in my skin recently has been phenomenal! Any spots I had cleared up within days and my skin felt moistured and softer than it ever had before. One of the reasons that I love the Body shop is due to their products being made of natural products.

Below are the claims that the Body Shop makes about this product:


This daily-use facial wash for blemished skin gives clearer-looking skin when used as part of a regular regime.

  • Removes excess oil without over-drying skin
  • Helps remove impurities
  • Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin

I do agree with the claims that the body shop makes for this product. I think that it does remove oil from my skin without drying it out- I have combo skin so some parts get very dry very easily. It has helped clear up my skin a lot and removed any impurities so that I agree with. I think the product definitely does do as it claims.

The Ingredients: 

Aqua (Solvent/Diluent), Glycerin (Humectant), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Surfactant), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Surfactant), PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate (Viscosity Modifier), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Emulsifier), PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (Emulsifier), Polysorbate 20 (Emulsifier), Alcohol Denat. (Solvent/Diluent), Panthenol (Skin/Hair Conditioning Agent), Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Natural Additive), Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil (Skin Conditioning Agent), Allantoin (Skin Soothing Agent), Citric Acid (pH Adjuster), p-Anisic Acid (pH Modifier), Benzophenone-4 (Sunscreen agent, Ultraviolet Light Absorber), Menthol (Cooling Agent), Sodium Hydroxide (pH Adjuster), Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Sunscreen), Limonene (Natural Additive), Leptospermum Petersonii Oil (Natural Additive), t-Butyl Alcohol (Denaturant), Denatonium Benzoate (Denaturant), Tocopherol (Antioxidant), Caramel (Colour), CI 19140 (Colour), CI 42090 (Colour).

Ingredients have a large impact on the way our skin reacts to the elements so I searched through the ingredients to see if any of them had any bad impacts on the skin.  One which stood out to me was Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a known irritant. I would advise any with sensitive skin to take caution when using this product. My skin wasn’t irritated though. Apart from that, all of the other ingredients were okay for the skin.


  • The ingredients are natural and aren’t harmful to the skin.
  • The cleanser does as its label claims it does.
  • My skin feels and looks amazing.


  • It costs €9.50 for 250ml. This might be out of some peoples price ranges.

Overall, I really love this cleanser. I am a huge fan of the Body Shop in general and I haven’t any products that I hate from them. Using natural products is very important for me as they leave a better finish on my skin. I would rate this five stars out of five and recommend it to anyone looking to clear up their skin. However anyone withextremely  dry or sensitive skin may want to take a tester version of it before buying.

People in ireland can buy it here. Anyone in the Uk can buy it right here! for six pounds. Buys in America can shop here for $14.


Whenever I take pictures, I always make sure not to smile because my teeth are extremely crooked due to overcrowding in my upper jaw. In my family, our bottom row of teeth are pretty straight but our upper jaws have large teeth which makes space an issue. When I was younger, my brother got braces at the age of about twelve. However, his lower jaw outgrew his upper jaw while he had braces, meaning that to this day, he has an under-bite. I never got braces as a child due to that reason and due to financial issues when my dad lost his job during the recession that greatly impacted Ireland in 2009. Fro those two reasons, I never got braces. Now I am eighteen – nineteen on the thirty-first of May- with both my parents in full employment, I am getting invisaligns. Invisaligns happen to suit the problems my teeth have so I went ahead and decided to start that process.

What is invisalign? 

Your confidence. Your outlook. Your life. And with Invisalign, achieving the smile you always dreamed of doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, it barely has to impact your day-to-day life at all.

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move – little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the projected final position.

Comfortable, clear and removable – Invisalign transforms your smile without disrupting your life. Something that over 3 million people worldwide have already discovered.

Are you ready for your new smile?

The above quote is taken directly from Invisaligns website. I am very lucky to be getting this treatment. I will have 51 aligners for top jaw and 26 for my bottom jaw. Although my bottom jaw has no problems, I have decided to fix the little mistakes that there are in my smile. With Invisalign, I have this little squares on my teeth which are called attachments. These are glued to my teeth and help the invisalign keep a good grip on my teeth. I will also have elastics on my invisaligns to keep my bite in place too. The Invisaligns aren’t completely invisible due to the attachments, however, they also aren’t very noticeable either. I started to wear the first aligner on my bottom jaw a week earlier than my top jaw for the reason that I had to get two teeth extracted in order to solve the over crowding. So my teeth are now – for once in my life- not overcrowded.

Day 1:

I had worried that putting in the aligner could irritate the still healing gums where my teeth had been extracted, but, thankfully it didn’t. I found that my top jaw hurts much more than the bottom one, probably due to the fact that my top jaw is so crooked beyond belief. The pain however wasn’t that intolerable. Mainly, I found it like a numb, dull pain. It isn’t comfortable but it is manageable. One thing I did find when I first put in the bottom aligner, however, was that at first, the aligner hurts so bad to take it off! So, I made sure to not put my top aligner in until after dinner so that when it was tightest, I wouldn’t have to take it off to eat. I also wanted to sleep through most of the pain. A lot of people seem to dislike the fact that when wearing invisaligns, you have to take the aligner out to eat and then brush your teeth before putting it back in. For me, I have gotten used to brushing my teeth after every meal and I’m loving how clean my mouth feels. I do have to wear the invisalign for twenty to twenty two hours a day but I don’t mind that either.

Day 2:

During day two of wearing the top invisalign, it hurt like hell to take the aligner off in the morning when I decided to eat some breakfast. That being said, the pain vanished after five minutes. With my bottom aligner, I found it really hard to eat during the first couple of days, especially on the second day when I put out for lunch and had a hard time biting into my sandwich. On day two of my top aligner, all of my food was soft so I haven’t noticed any pain there at all yet. The aligner feels pretty comfortable in my mouth for all my teeth except for one. The one that is hurting, happens to be behind the rest of my teeth so I think that it is just dealing with more pressure than the others. I am trying to eat healthy at the moment so the aligners are really helping me avoid chocolate. I’m also taking pictures of my teeth weekly to record the difference in my teeth.

Day 3:

Today, it still hurt in the morning to take the aligner out, however when I took it out at lunch it hurt much less. I am also finding it easier to live my everyday life with the aligner in my mouth. So far today, it hasn’t hurt while wearing it. I don’t even really notice it while it’s in my mouth, most of the time anyways. The bottom aligner just slides out. I am supposed to switch aligners once a week, however I am a bit worried that my mouth won’t be ready because it seems that most people switch theirs every two weeks. I will try to put in tray two in on day seven and I will hope that it actually fits.

Is invisalign worth getting?

Obviously, I am still in early days with my treatment, but so far I think that straight teeth will be worth my time, energy and money. My teeth have always been a big self-problem for me because I have gotten comments in the past about my teeth. While I have quite a thick skin about comments regarding my teeth, I would love to have a future where my smile is picture perfect, even if it might take eighteen months to get!

Read with me Mondays

I am an avid book reader so I have decided that every Monday I will post a review of a book that I love. Reading would be one of my favorite hobbies, and I am an absolute bibliophile. My favorite books range from Jane Austen to the Jodi Picoult to the Game of Thrones franchise. I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan too. I will be posting these reviews every week, and if anyone has any suggestions of books which I should read, please let me know. If anyone is an up and coming author, send me an email and I will happily read your book.

The first book which I shall be reading will be a Jane Austen sequel – Fidelity and Affection by Yve Turner- which you can buy here. This book is brilliant but is very little known, so I’d recommend that you check it out! To buy on kindle, it is currently 78% off at $2.90 for Americans. For those in the UK and Ireland, you can buy it here

Watch out for Monday, when I post my review!

End of hiatus 

Hello beauties!

It’s literally been weeks since I last posted (maybe months I don’t know) but here is a post. I am kinda back. I guess I might start posting again. I never really planned to disappear off the face of earth! (Again). But I did. The last couple of months for me have been hectic! Along with starting university, I’ve been having a great social life and I’m a class representative at my university. Busy is a good adjective for me right now. 

However I missed the world of Beauty and fashion to the extent that I want to write again. I’ve been so tired in the mornings, that even wearing makeup and nice close has become rare. 

But here is some goals for the end of October! (I can’t believe I can say it’s now October!!! Wooo!)

  • I want to actually write blog posts. Nevermind follower goals, they don’t matter when actually writing a post is rare for me. 
  • I more specifically want to improve my makeup and writing skills ( uni essays may help with the latter 😫). 
  • I want to workout more. I am currently going to pilates and yoga classes but it’s that time of the year where I once again get lazy!

I think that is it for my goals at the moment! I already have a couple of ideas which include building my instagram! ( @infinitebeautybyc). 

Thanks for reading!

L’Oreal Clay Facemasks

Don’t get me wrong; these face masks aren’t bad but I feel that for the expensive prices of each one individually, they are quite overpriced.  A couple of months ago, I posted about how I wanted to try the three of them since I loved the Facial wash version of them. I didn’t exactly get what I wanted and I wouldn’t repurchase two out of the three. I bought the mini set of them which includes 10ml of each clay face mask. The one which I liked the most was the glow red algae mask which I did buy in the larger packaging as well after I initially tried the three. 
What are claims of the mask?

Different areas of your face have different skincare needs. The L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay masks allow you to create a tailored detox regime with your own multi-masking solution.

Apply 1, 2 or 3 masks at a time to address your skin needs and multi-mask your way to more beautiful skin day after day. The creamy textures work deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking purer, cleaner, brighter – without drying it out. 

– Green / Purity Mask

3 Pure Clays + Eucalyptus, known for its purifying properties.

– Red / Glow Mask

3 Pure Clays + Red Algae, known for its brightening properties.

– Black / Detox Mask

3 Pure Clays + Charcoal, which acts like a magnet to draw out impurities.

Tested Under Dermatological Control.

Key features:

Contains 3x10ml Mini Pure Clay Face Masks.

– Green / Purity Mask – Enriched with 3 Pure Clays + Eucalyptus, purifies & mattifies.

– Red / Glow Mask – Enriched with 3 Pure Clays + Charcoal, detoxifies & clarifies.

– Black / Detox Mask – Enriched with 3 Pure Clays + Red Algae, brightens & exfoliate.

What are my thoughts?

I found these masks to be okay. They didn’t exactly meet the claim of making my skin look purer at all- although how can skin look pure in the first place? I was really hoping to enjoy these masks but they just didn’t hit the spot. They are also very expensive compared to other masks on the market which can be purchased for such a cheaper price in larger quantities. I do however recommend the face wash version of these- cheaper and more efficient. 

Thank you for reading! Have you tried these masks? If so, what did you think of them? If not, what are your favourite masks?

Did you enjoy this post? If so, please leave a comment to share your opinion. If you would like to get in touch, send me an email at! 

Stationery Haul

Hello to all those reading, how are all of you? Do you like stationery? I hope so.  There are many things in life that give me a great old thrill and buying (cheap) stationary is definitely one of them. Although I don’t start University for another month, I decided to start preparing myself physically. By physically I refer to my habit of somehow always running out of stationery.  I got most of my current stationery from a Danish shop called Søstrene Grenes. Along with their amazing stationery, they also have lovely items that are perfect for an Instagram aesthetic! Seriously, check out their insta page!

Keep on scrolling to see everything that I got!

Thank you for reading! Make sure to follow on Instagram @infinitebeautybyc and twitter @infinitebeaut31. 

If you have any questions, please email me at!

March Favourites 

Hello beauties! So although I have exams coming up, I’m working on juggling better with my blog. I had a really late February favourites posted last week so I decided to do a March favourites at the beginning of the month this time round. March was quite the stressful month for me. I had a lot of projects due in, and I had a French oral. I am dyslexic so in general I am terrible at french but my oral surprisingly went brilliantly! I felt so liberated once it was over. I love the language itself but speaking it under exam pressure was difficult.


I am absolutely obsessed with this show. It is based off the Archie Comics series and it follows Archie Adams, the main character of the series. When a boy called Jason Blossom is murdered, Archie and his friends try to figure out who killed him. My favourite character is probably Jughead who is played by Cole Sprouse. He is sarcastic and just the type of character that I can really feel for. The show itself has a very good plotline and every week, I am left waiting for more. Last week there was no episode so I was so sad.

Tea Tree Cleanser:

I actually have a review published of this but since it is one of my March favourites, I decided to put it on the list! For anyone who hasn’t yet read my review of this product, you can read it here. I adore this cleanser as it has helped clear up my acne from stress related causes. It also leaves my skin so lovely and refreshed!

Primark Liquid Lipsticks:

Who doesn’t love a liquid lipstick? I especially love these primark one because they are so affordable yet pigmented. They cost €2.50 each which is amazing for what you get. I only have the two pictured but I saw a good few more for sale while I was shopping recently. I really liked a vampy red shaded one. These have really good lasting power and look beautiful on my lips. Even the packaging is really cute!

That is all for monthly favourites. I didn’t really get to explore products this month as I was so busy stressing over my french oral. I only have two months left of school though so in summer, I will have time for really good posts.

February Favourites

Hello beauties! I am back after months with a new post. I am in my final year of school so I found it really hard to post in the last couple of months along with my lack of drive. Anyways, today, I have a post about things I loved in the past month. I know this is really overdone in the beauty blogging world but I thought it would be fun to make my own version of it. February was a month of exams for me, so I didn’t get to do many interesting things, however there were little things throughout the month that really lit up my entire world.

  • Sheet Face Masks
  • Sleek Midas Touch
  • Sleek Del Mar vol II
  • Hair straightening brush
  • A series of unfortunate events
  • Lego Batman movie


Today’s skin perks

Hello beauties! Today I went out and absolutely splurged on face masks. I’ll probably upload a post on all the face masks I bought.  I couldn’t really decide which one to try first so tonight after I washed my face with my new ‘the Body Shop’ Tea Tree facial cleanser, I decided to use this Green Tea face mask. Mainly because it was a sheet mask which I have never tried before so the excitement factor played a big role in my decision.

I bought this particular mask in TK Maxx. For €5.99, I got five sheet masks, each in their own individual packets. The main reason why I bought it was because of the sheet. I really liked this facemask. Apart from it being made out of green tea – which is possibly one of the best things ever- it left my skin feeling amazing. The next day after wearing it, my skin was its best that it has ever been. The facial wash is by the Body Shop. It has tea tree oil in it which I decided could help my skin. My skin is dealing with stress spots at this moment. This facial wash is doing a great job of getting rid of them.
What products do you use?

Thanks for reading, C!